2019 YIJIA New York Lunar New Year Party

To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, YIJIA New York held a joyous event for our beloved members on February 9th, 2019.

The party was opened by the hosts Amy Sun, Ruby, Lifeng Lin with a passionate speech.

The gala started with Triple Crown Ambassador Amy Zou’s introduction to YIJIA’s Las Vegas Glory Trip, namely YIJIA’s 15th Annual Celebration. She thoroughly explained the trip’s highlights as well as YIJIA U.S.’ prospects in 2019.

(Double Crown Ambassador Cindy Lin, Crown Ambassadors Michelle Ngo and Cici Liu sharing their business experience)

Members dressed in Cheongsams, displaying elegance and beauty and giving a fantastic performance.

Between the performances, YIJIA members participated in the much anticipated lucky draw, testing out their new year’s luck.

Crown Ambassador Michelle Ngo rewarding the Third-Prize winner Sunny Yang

lucky draw hosted by Crown Ambassador Cici Liu

Double Crown Ambassador Cindy Lin rewarding the Second-Prize winner Joan Li

Triple Crown Ambassador Amy Zou rewarding the First-Prize winner Joan Li

David Chen from YIJIA New York rewarding our members with invitations to YIJIA’s annual celebration in Las Vegas.

Group one: Jiang Jin Lin, Sally Chan, Cindy Lin, Lily Li, Charre Chan Ki, Amy Sun.

Group two: Jessica Zhao, Qing Chen, Lina Li, Sunny Yang, Connie Chang, Amy Zou.

Best Dressed Competition

(Lina Li, Qing Chen and Fanny Chan won the Best Dressed Competition First-Prize and Second Prize respectively)

In 2018, YIJIA North America made some impressive progress and achievements. Together, we have witnessed the Group’s remarkable development resulting from our colleagues and customers’ endeavour, and commitment. We wish all YIJIA North America members continued success in 2019!

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