Youth White Reveal
Facial Cleanser
"Awakening Skin Like Kiss
of Morning Dews"


Youth White Reveal Facial Cleanser

“Reveal an enchanting brilliance”

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Retail Price: $55.00 USD (before tax)
BV: 25

MAIONE Youth White Reveal Facial Cleanser gently pampers your skin with powerful plant extracts. The product adopts a new formula to awaken the skin and reveals its natural radiance, delivering an enchanting brilliance.

Key Benefits & Featured Ingredients


It helps to remove any remaining makeup and impurities, evening out skin tone.


The cleanser also contains moisture retaining ingredients, which can effectively prevent skin dehydration.

Instructions & Specifications

About Product

125 ml

Recommended Skin Type

All Types

How To Use

  • Apply a small amount rubbing it on your palms until it produces foam. Gently massage over damp face in a circular motion and rinse well. Cleanse twice a day, morning and night.

Note: The product may not be used together with cosmetics containing lead, mercury or hormone.

External use only. Stop using it immediately and consult your doctor if your skin feels uncomfortable.

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