With the support of YiJia members and its powerful products, YiJia North America has opened 4 offices in 4 major locations in the U.S. and Canada within 2 years. Meanwhile, word has spread as fast as we were expanding, the company has been published though local and national media, newspaper and magazines rave about YiJia. Take a look!

Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation

2014 21st Century Prestigious Brand Award

2014 21st Century Prestigious Company Award

Taiwan Association of Multilevel Marketing, R.O.C

2016 The Raising Star Award

2016 Outstanding Award


Direct Selling News Magazine

Youth & Beauty From The Inside

2018-09-29 & 9-30

Sing Tao Daily

Celebration of YiJia North America


EliteGen Magazine

Keep Age A Secret


Sing Tao Daily

The Business Opportunity of YiJia


Sing Tao Daily

Second Opening in Canada


Sing Tao Daily

A Visit to Seniors Centre


Sing Tao Daily

YiJia Landed Empire State


EBC News

Celebration of YiJia Los Angeles

Direct Selling News

Youth & Beauty From The Inside Out: Yijia’s Belief In Nature’s Power

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