YIJIA 15 Customer Loyalty Program

Your Loyalty Means the World to Us

Promotion Period*

August 25th, 2019 – March 26th, 2021 (PST)


YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set

– USD 298 (before tax)

– Choose ANY products worth of 200 BV

– Receive 150 BV

– FREE Shipping



Place an order on ONE YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set through Maintenance Sales, and you will be eligible to receive USD 200 in commission; to qualify for the commission, direct sponsor THREE downlines, each of whom places an order on at least ONE YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set within the same cycle.*


Unlimited Commission

THREE downlines + YIJIA 15 Lolalty Sets = USD 200

Direct Sponsor   SIX downlines + YIJIA 15 Lolalty Sets = USD 400

NINE downlines + YIJIA 15 Lolalty Sets = USD 600


* This program is only eligible for YiJia US’s members
* Free shipping only available to specific areas
* Your commissions will be settled per settlement cycle
* There’s no limit to how much commission you may receive. For example, in the October cycle, if Mr. Polo placed an order on ONE YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set through Maintenance Sales and direct sponsored EIGHTEEN downlines, each of whom has placed an order on at least ONE YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set, he will be eligible to receive USD 200 * 6 = USD 1, 200 in commission. Mr. Polo may receive more commission in the next cycle, should he direct sponsors more downlines that place orders on the YIJIA 15 Loyalty Set.
* The number of YIJIA 15 Loyalty Sets, on which each of your direct sponsored downline place an order, does NOT affect how much commission you may receive.
* For whatever irrevocable reasons any order associated with your commission becomes invalid, your prize may be revoked
* Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice
* All rights reserved
* For more information, please contact our Call Center at +1 888 991 0924 or visit our website www.yijia.us for Live Assistance.
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