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Promotional Period: May 14, 2020 – March 27, 2021

Sales Section: Regular



For new members:

With any one-time purchase of 100BV, you can become a One-Star member and be eligible to earn commission.

For example:

After the start of the promotion, Member A joins YIJIA and becomes One-Star member with commission settlement eligibility by purchasing 5 boxes of MAIONE Flexible Liposome Mask (100BV). Member A is eligible to earn the corresponding commission each time he/she sponsors a new member.


For members who have already purchased:

Members who arranged Sales BV ranging from 100BV to 499BV will be automatically upgraded to One-Star membership and are eligible for commission settlement during this promotional period.


*This promotion is limited to members of US and Canada.
*YIJIA reserves the right to modify the promotion at any time and without giving prior notice.
*YIJIA reserves the right of final interpretation.
*For more information, please contact our Call Centre at +1 888 991 0924 or visit our website for Live Assistance.
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