Lien Nguyen is a mother of three from Los Angeles, California. After recognizing YIJIA North America as her global business platform, she has worked very hard to build up her own business at YIJIA, leading by example. She was advanced to the Ruby Leader in December 2018 and only about a month after, she became the first Vietnamese Crown Ambassador at YIJIA U.S. She is a great leader. The extraordinary team she has assembled consist of 1600 members from 28 countries around the world. Her exceptional leadership allows her and her team members to expand their already successful business to an even broader international market.

“I was very excited to receive the great news that I’d been advanced to YIJIA Double Crown Ambassador at Lunar New Year! It’s a great start for my brand-new year’s YIJIA business. I’ve been devoted to the skincare business for almost 20 years and I really enjoy working in this industry. I truly adore YIJIA products and my business here. The staff and my team members make me feel that YIJIA is my family. It was hard for me at first because I don’t speak Chinese. However, thanks to their care, kindness, and generosity. I soon started to feel deeply connected with them. For my YIJIA business, this kind of networking is very important.

Thank you so much, Chairman George Guo! Your vision, your caring, your generosity and kindness have truly made my dreams come true. Thank you, all YIJIA staff and my team members for your hard work and continued support! From the staff from the headquarter to those from YIJIA North America, you all have helped me solve problems with patience. Thank you, my wonderful uplines Sapphire members Christine Tse, and Kitty Ng as well as Triple Crown Ambassadors Angel, and Mama. I want to give a HUGE “thank you” to my team members from Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. I believe that all your dedication, passion and hard work will be paid off to all of us. Together we have created our dream team: TRE-DEP-GIAU BEN

I love my family, my husband, my children. They’re always there for me, doing everything they can to support and love me. I’m determined to succeed in my YIJIA business so we can not only live the life we want but also help people in need.”

美國皇冠大使Lien Nguyen
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