Expand Your Business with YiJia Worldwide

Exclusive to all YiJia North America’s members, now you can tap into the unlimited market potential around the world by setting up an account under the YiJia Worldwide platform (YJW).

To be eligible to direct-sponsor members outside of North America, start by placing an order on the 600 BV package through the YJW platform. This will grant you an account under the YJW platform.

For your first-tier members prospected through the YJW platform (YJW-1), all they have to do is place orders on the same 600 BV package; and begin enjoying the miraculous benefits of MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence. At the same time, they will be eligible to direct-sponsor one more generation of downlines (YJW-2).

Any of your YJW-1 members are eligible to qualify for the Prime status, should they direct sponsor 2,400 BV in total.

The aforementioned 600-BV package includes 11 bottles of MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence (100 ml).

  1. Only customers residing in countries other than Canada, and the United States of America will be eligible to become your downline
  2. Only members of YiJia North America will be able to qualify for a Prime+ status
  3. All orders placed through the YJW platform will be manufactured and shipped from YiJia’s facilities in Los Angeles, USA
  4. All price and payments are processed in USD
  5. Commissions for YJW-1 and YJW-2 are calculated in USD and will be deposited in their EP2 accounts unless an overseas bank account is present
  6. YiJia reserves the right to revise, add or remove any aspect of the promotion at any time under no obligation and without any requirement of prior notification
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