Congratulations! Team leader Vicky Wei at YiJia Toronto has been officially advanced to Double Crown Ambassador!

Vicky has set her goal to achieve the Double Crown Ambassador status the first day she joined YiJia Canada. And she did realize her dream with hard work and perseverance. It only took her a month to achieve the Crystal status, two months for Pearl, three months for Sapphire and a year for Crown Ambassador. She is very glad that she has now achieved the Double Crown Ambassador status. She has always believed that faith is a power that can lead to one’s own success, especially at current times when most people are anxious about things that they are not sure of. She thinks that only when a person has a firm faith, can he/she attract other people to put trust in and work with him/her.

Vicky is very aware that she owes much of her success to YiJia North America, her team, and people around her. First of all, she’d like to thank her direct sponsor, Triple Crown Ambassadors Jie Lu and Wei Liu, for their continued help. Secondly, she wants to express her sincere gratitude towards YiJia Chairman George Guo for the excellent platform he created. It is because of the platform named YiJia that people like her are able to achieve their goals and realize our dreams. Also, she’s grateful for YiJia staff and executives’ help, as it allows her to run her business at YiJia much easier and efficiently. Last but not least, she wants to thank her team the most for their trust and support. Without them, she really could not have imagined achieving the Double Crown Ambassador status! She firmly believes, “50% of my dedication and 50% of your devotion = 100% of our success!”

Let’s give Vicky another round of applause. Congratulations, Vicky! We wish you and your team continued success!

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