Congratulations! Team leader Cindy Lin at YiJia New York has been officially advanced to Triple Crown Ambassador!

Cindy comes from a rural area in China and received limited education. She’s always wanted to explore the world. By chance, her dream came true, when she immigrated to the U.S in 1992. America is culturally diverse, however, as she couldn’t speak proper English at that time, it was really hard for her to adapt to mainstream society. Therefore, she had to work for a manufactory owned by Chinese native speakers. She worked very hard and restlessly like many other Chinese immigrants for 22 years.

January 2017, she was introduced to YiJia by a friend and started to use MAIONE products. Less than 2 weeks, she already saw some impressive improvements in her skin. This gave her great confidence in building her own business at YiJia. In November 2018, Cindy was advanced to Ruby Leader. Only three months after, she has already become a Triple Crown Ambassador!

In the past 2 years, she has seen how her YiJia partners have fulfilled President Guo’s vision, namely “To provide a platform where dreams come true; to craft a world full of love.” She’s truly grateful for the Triple Crown Ambassadors Amy’s help. Moreover, she also wants to her team at YiJia New York. She firmly believes that she could not have made her rank advancement to the Triple Crown Ambassador without them.

Again, let’s give Cindy another round of applause for her rank advancement. Congratulations, Cindy! We wish you and your team will continue to make efforts to achieve greater success!

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