On September 30th, 2018. YIJIA America has hosted a glory gala at the 6-star Terranea Resort in Los Angeles.

       This is YIJIA’s first big gala being held in Los Angeles. The bring out the most memorable experience for all the guest, the theme of this event is vintage Hollywood style with a local touch.



The night begins with a show from 1920’s Charleston dance, the Great Gatsby girls



The entrance of YIJIA International chairman Mr. George Guo and Chairlady Mrs. Amy Xie


Chairman George Guo’s Speech


Hawaii Achievers Award Ceremony


Achievers include:

Julie Lee, Daphne Kang, Tuyen Nguyen, Joan Li, Jane Tanimura, Emily Zhao, Vicky Wei, Mandi Yu, Tonya Saenz, Meifen Chen, Pingjing Zhuang, Zaiqiao Feng, CiCi Liu, Jessica Zhao, Marcus Yau, Joe Yau, Jianling Liu, Sunny Yang, Sally Chan

Award Presenter:  YIJIA North America Marketing Director   Ryan Fang

Sapphire Leader Vicky Interview


 First round of lucky draw:

Congrats to 15 members to win the 3rd prize, with the value of $130 gift includes a box of Bluti Super Juice, a bottle of Shell-Broken Reishi Capsules.

      Award Presenter: Vice President of YIJIA  Janet Wu and Sean Liu


     YIJIA Group features three major product lines; MAIONE for anti-aging beauty product, Mirikel for healthcare and Vii for daily necessities. All products are produced without animal cruelty, instead, it adopts plants as raw materials. Mirikel products include Bluti, Reishi Capsules, Anti-aging drink and Balance Five. YIJIA North America will be launching more health products in the future to improve not only your health but also your lifestyle.

    Special guest from the US Research and Development Department Team-Ralph Adams


 Bluti Super Juice and Reishi Capsule interview: Ruby Leader CICI and Sapphire Leader Jane


US Team Speech

   The entire US from the east coast to the west coast is almost covered by our America teams. They may have different languages or come from different ethnicities, but in YIJIA, we share the same goal and spirit.


Los Angeles Irvine Team


Boston Team


U.S. Vicky Team


New York Team


Maione Global Team


A Classy and stylish Swing Classic Martini Pop Mini Concert



Award presentation for all members who achieve a rank


Crystal Leader

Joe Yau,Edward Yeh,Lin Zhang,Coco Ji,Jianling Liu,Sunny Yang,Emily zhao, Sally Lee,Nina Kao,Lynn Zhang,Irene Huang, Julie Lee,Mandi YU,Weidong Lin,Daphen Kang.

Award Presenter:       Marketing Specialist of YIJIA US Jingjing,

                               Marketing Specialist of YIJIA US Amy Shen


Pearl leader

Mary Chiang, Eva Fang, Meifen Chen, Pingjin Zhuang, Hong Do, Lam Doan

Award Presenter: Operation Manager of YIJIA US Brenda Chen

Sapphire leader

Jane, Lina Lin, Tra My

Award Presenter: Global CEO of YIJIA Bobby Chen

The second round of lucky draw:

Congrats to 10 members to win the 2nd prize, with the value of $500 gift includes a bottle of Maione Youth Original Essence Advance,a box of Maione Youth Moistening Mask, a Maione suitcase.

    Award Presenter: Vice President of YIJIA – Michael Zheng


Laser Girl Show




      While striving to run business and help others realize their dreams, YIJIA has been devoted to giving back to the local society. The company has donated a combined amount of over 10 million USD in several countries and regions including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, United States of America, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Macao.

       Since its inception, YIJIA has been enthusiastic and dedicated about charitable causes and encouraged business partners to participate in charity events. We dedicate our attention to public welfare activities such as subsidizing education and poverty alleviation. YIJIA US has also been active in charity work and especially focused on sponsoring projects related to local charities, such as Project Sunshine, Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation and so on. In the US, we donate $1 to the local charities from each bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence Advanced is sold. Meanwhile, for every Mirikel product, every 100BV sold, we will donate $1 to the local charities.

      The ” YIJIA CHARITY FOUNDATION “is a charitable foundation initiated by YIJIA US. Adhering to the mission of “Succeed yourself and others, pass on good spirits to next generation; live with love, never give up”. We are committed to the in-depth integration of the beauty care industry and charitable causes, and through the financing of education and helping the poor, creating and sharing the love. The charity model has led YIJIA partners to continue to contribute to the advancement of charity.

  YIJIA International Chairman Mr. Guo Chairlady Mrs. GuoGlobal CEO Bobby Chen and Global CEO Ms Alina Jiang carry out the opening ceremony of the YIJIA Charity Foundation.




Third round of lucky draw:

 Congrats to 2 members to win 1st prize, with a value of $1000 gift includes a New Ipad that comes with the stylus, one bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence, one bottle of MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum and one Maione suitcase.

Award Presenter: Global CEO of YIJIA Ms. Alina Jiang

                           Global CEO of YIJIA   Bobby Chen


More behind the scenes:

The centrepiece of the table are all handmade by YIJIA staff

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